In Defense of Democratic Rights!

The IYSSE fights to defend democratic rights of workers everywhere. Unending war and the growth of social inequality are not compatible with democratic forms of rule. The ruling class around the world is turning ever more openly to dictaorial methods. The massive surveillance apparatus must be dismantled. The witch-hunts against Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and other whistleblowers and journalists must end, as must police brutality and the militarization of police forces.

End government censorship of the internet!

The campaign within the American media and political establishment over allegations of Russian “hacking” and manipulation of the US elections is being transformed into an increasingly frenzied demand for the criminalization of political dissent not just within the United States but in countries around the world.

One major features of this campaign has been an attempt to censor the Internet of “left-wing” websites. This has been spearheaded by elements within the American ruling class, in close collaboration with some of the largest and most powerful corporations such as Google and Facebook.

As the World Socialist Web Site has documented, Google’s search algorithm in April, introduced under the pretext of combating “fake news” and promoting “authoritative content,” have resulted in a fall in referrals from Google to the WSWS by nearly 70 percent, and to 13 other left-wing sites by between 19 and 63 percent.  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms are preparing or have already begun to implement similar measures.

Under conditions of growing popular opposition to social inequality and war, and deepening political crisis, establishing state control over the Internet is seen as a matter of the greatest urgency. Internet censorship represents an immense threat. Core democratic rights are under attack. The campaign must be resisted. Similar efforts are underway internationally, with European governments seeking to place severe restrictions on the functioning of social media.

Students gather at an IYSSE protest in San Diego against the anti-immigrant policies of the Trump administration

Defend Immigrant Rights!

The IYSSE stands in solidarity with the millions of refugees and migrants across the world. We defend the right of all workers to live and work where they choose, with full citizenship rights. This unshakeable commitment—the keystone of any workers’ organisation worthy of the name—is in stark contrast to what passes for much of the left today.

Bernie Sanders in the US, Melenchon in France, Lafontaine in Germany and Corbyn in Britain all reject the principle of free movement and, in many instances, even call for the reinforcement of borders—supposedly to protect native-born workers. In this way they facilitate the efforts of their governments to foment hatred of immigrants, in order to split the working class and divert attention from the real source of workers’ suffering, the capitalist system.

While the imperialist powers squander vast sums to destroy entire countries, the victims of their aggression—those who remain alive at least—are left in abject squalor.

In the United States, it is critical that opposition to the anti immigrant policies not be channeled behind the Democratic Party! The Democrats have responded to the election of Trump with a combination of cowardice and complicity. The road Trump is taking—including the attack on immigrants—was paved by the Obama administration.

The protection of immigrants and the defense of democratic rights can be advanced only through the unification of the working class, of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities, against their common enemy, the capitalist system.

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