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Organizing Resistance to Internet Censorship

The United States government, in the closest collaboration with Google, Facebook, Twitter and other powerful information technology corporations, is implementing massive restrictions on Internet access to socialist, antiwar and progressive websites. Similar repressive policies are being enacted by capitalist governments in Europe and throughout the world.

The new regime of censorship is being combined with an intensification of surveillance operations, aimed at monitoring what people read, write and think while on the Internet. The actions of this alliance of the state, military-intelligence agencies and oligopolistic technology corporations are a dangerous threat to freedom of speech and other core democratic rights.

Meetings near you

Los Angeles, CA – Saturday, March 3, 2018, 3:00 pm, Delancey Street Foundation, El Camino Room, 400 N. Vermont Ave

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee – Monday, March 12, 7:00 pm, Union Ballroom West, 2200 E Kenwood Blvd, UWM. Speaker: Andre Damon

San Diego – Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 pm, Storm Hall West Room 011, San Diego State University

UC Berkeley – Wednesday, March 14, 7:00 pm, Barrows Room 20

UCSD, San Diego – Thursday, March 15, 7:00 pm, Room TBA

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti – Monday, March 19, 7pm, Room 330, EMU Student Center

University of Florida, Gainsville – Wednesday, March 21, 7:00 pm, Reitz Student Union Room G320

Wayne State University – Tuesday, March, 27, 7:00 pm, Student Center Room 384

New York University – Wednesday, March 28, 7:00 pm, Kimmel Center 905/907

Western Michigan University – Thursday, March 29, 7:00 pm, Bernhard Center Room 212

SUNY Geneseo – Tuesday, April 3, 5:30 pm, Newton 209

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor – Tuesday, April 3, 7:00 pm, Michigan League Hussey Room

Wayne State University – Sunday, April 22, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Student Center Ballroom


Flint | Kentucky | Puerto Rico
The Water Crisis and the Rights of the Working Class

Join the Socialist Equality Party and the International Youth and Students for Social Equality for this critical meeting, which will include online participation by residents of Puerto Rico, Detroit and Kentucky, to discuss a socialist strategy to mobilize the working class to ensure the right to water and the democratic control over society’s wealth and resources.

After nearly four years, residents in Flint continue to suffer the catastrophic consequences of lead contamination of their water. In Puerto Rico, half the population is forced to use bottled water and nearby creeks four months after Hurricane Maria. In eastern Kentucky, residents have no water or only intermittent service because of the collapse of their aging water system. To add insult to injury, official are demanding residents pay 49 percent more for water, which is laced with cancer-causing chemicals from coal mining and other industries.

This is a social crime, which will only worsen as the Trump administration and the Democrats slash funding for essential services to pay for corporate tax cuts, endless wars and their repressive measures against immigrants and the working class as a whole.

Even as the world’s billionaires added $1 trillion to their wealth last year, masses of workers and young people around the world are being deprived of the most basic necessities of life.

This must stop! The right to free, clean and safe water must be guaranteed as a social right, along with health care, high-quality public and higher education, housing and a secure and good paying job.

Meetings near you

Meeting dates and locations coming soon!

Humanity Teeters on the Brink of War

Amidst the ferocious conflict within the ruling class in the United States, there is no discussion let alone opposition to the most pressing danger facing the population of the United States and the entire world: the risk of world war.

The Economist magazine devoted its latest issue to discussing “The Next War” and “The Growing Threat of Great Power Conflict.” It declared, “Conflict on a scale and intensity not seen since the second world war is once again plausible.” All the major powers are preparing for such a conflict. The United States has deployed nuclear-capable bombers to Guam for a possible war in North Korea, which could quickly develop into a conflict with China. In Syria, the ongoing war for regime change is bringing the US into conflict with Russia. Germany is remilitarizing and once again asserting itself as a European and global power.

In the US, the Democratic Party has centered its opposition to Trump on claims that he is insufficiently aggressive against Russia. The Democrats have emerged as the most ferocious advocates of the military-intelligence apparatus, demanding censorship and militarism. Workers and youth need a new perspective to fight against war and the capitalist system that produces it.

Meetings near you

Detroit, WSU – Tuesday, February 27, 7:00 PM, Student Center, Room 384

SUNY Geneseo – Tuesday February 27, 5:30 PM Bailey 101

The Tax Cut Bill: An Attack on College Students

As income inequality has reached levels unparalleled in United States history, the house of representatives has passed $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy. In order to pay for this handout to the ruling class, massive cuts are being planned targeting the working-class. Some of the most draconian and vile administrative actions and budget proposals are targeting college students. As education is under continued assault from both the Republicans and the Democrats, working-class students find it impossible to make ends meet.

A political strategy to defend immigrant rights

The new year has opened with a vast escalation of the attack on immigrants. The Trump administration terminated Temporary Protected Status for more than a quarter-million immigrants from El Salvador, apprehended hundreds of undocumented immigrants in mass workplace raids, and is using thousands of undocumented youth enrolled in the DACA program as a bargaining chip for funding to build a wall along the US Southern border with Mexico.

The Democratic Party paved the way for Trump’s mass deportation program during the Obama administration and is now seeking a deal with Trump on a further crackdown. "If the president wants to work with us to make sure we have strong border security," declared Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, "let’s do that.”...

The Catastrophe in Puerto Rico: an Indictment of Capitalism

Over a hundred days have passed since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane María, the most powerful storm to make landfall on the island in nearly a century. The prevailing devastation in the US colonial territory is a grim illustration of the attitude of the ruling class, not only to the workers and youth of Puerto Rico, but to those on the US mainland as well: one of complete indifference and contempt...