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No to war in the Middle East! For a new anti-war movement!

The Trump administration’s incendiary decision to scrap the nuclear deal with Iran threatens to further destabilize the Middle East and widen the ongoing military conflicts instigated by US imperialism. Israel’s mass killing of over 60 unarmed Palestinians on May 14 expresses another level of the drive to war, with the United States and its allies defending the furious drive to suppress the growing political struggles of the masses with violence at home and abroad.

There is no anti-war faction within the political establishment. The Trump administration is a government of militarism, authoritarianism and reaction. The Democrats have centered their criticism of Trump on the claim that he is too soft on Russia. Indeed, a major escalation of war in the Middle East and conflict with Russia is precisely what they have demanded.

A new anti-war movement must be built, which connects the fight against war with the emerging working-class struggles, in the United States and around the world. The working class across the Middle East must unite across ethnic, national and religious lines in a revolutionary fight against imperialism and for socialism.

Meetings near you

Los Angeles City College – Thursday, April 19, 7:00 pm, Student Union, 2nd Floor Conference Room

Berlin, Germany –  Thursday, April 19, 6:30 pm, Sprengel Haus, Sprengelstraße 15, 13353 Berlin

SUNY Geneseo – Tuesday, April 24, 5:30 pm, Bailey 101

University of California, San Diego – Thursday, May 17, 7:00 pm, Social Science Building 414

Portland State University – Tuesday, May 29, 4:00 pm, SMSU 327

What is Socialism?

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx, the originator of the materialist conception of history, the author of Das Kapital and, with Friedrich Engels, the founder of the modern revolutionary socialist movement.

Two hundred years after Marx’s birth, there is growing interest in socialism all over the world. Workers and young people confront unprecedented levels of social inequality, unending war and the threat of dictatorship. Millions are looking for an alternative and are asking the question: What is socialism?

This series of lectures will review the theory of Karl Marx and its enduring contemporary relevance.


Portland State University –  Tuesday, May 29, 4:00 pm, URBN Room 224, 1977 SW 6th Ave

Munich, Germany – Wednesday, May 30, 6:00 pm, Hochschule Munchen, Roter Wurfel, Lothstrabe 64, 80335 Munchen

The Tax Cut Bill: An Attack on College Students

As income inequality has reached levels unparalleled in United States history, the house of representatives has passed $1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthy. In order to pay for this handout to the ruling class, massive cuts are being planned targeting the working-class. Some of the most draconian and vile administrative actions and budget proposals are targeting college students. As education is under continued assault from both the Republicans and the Democrats, working-class students find it impossible to make ends meet...

A political strategy to defend immigrant rights

The new year has opened with a vast escalation of the attack on immigrants. The Trump administration terminated Temporary Protected Status for more than a quarter-million immigrants from El Salvador, apprehended hundreds of undocumented immigrants in mass workplace raids, and is using thousands of undocumented youth enrolled in the DACA program as a bargaining chip for funding to build a wall along the US Southern border with Mexico.

The Democratic Party paved the way for Trump’s mass deportation program during the Obama administration and is now seeking a deal with Trump on a further crackdown. "If the president wants to work with us to make sure we have strong border security," declared Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, "let’s do that.”...

The Catastrophe in Puerto Rico: an Indictment of Capitalism

Over a hundred days have passed since Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane María, the most powerful storm to make landfall on the island in nearly a century. The prevailing devastation in the US colonial territory is a grim illustration of the attitude of the ruling class, not only to the workers and youth of Puerto Rico, but to those on the US mainland as well: one of complete indifference and contempt...